Wax by Satin Smooth
Wax by Satin Smooth
Wax by Satin Smooth
Ear Candling
Ear Candles are used to clean ears and are believed to help with
various ear disorders. Using candles is generally more comfortable and less expensive than conventional ear cleaning where water is forced into the ear canal. The practice of using Ear Candles is actually an ancient art from many countries such as China, Czechoslovakia, Mexico and Italy. They are being used in nursing homes, alternative health centers and are rapidly gaining popularity.
60 mins. with T.M.J. Massage   $75
or Series of Three   $207
Hair Removal Waxing
Brow Aching    $20
Maintenance (once a month)  $15.00
Jawline or Sideburns  $20
Upper Lip   $15
Chin   $15
Full Face (all of above)   $50
Nape of Neck   $40
Under Arms   $25
Lower Arms   $22
Full Arms   $40
Bikini   $35 & up
Upper Legs   $40
Lower Legs   $40
Full Legs   $75
Men's Back   $60
Half Back   $33
Yeagers Tan 2 U
Pedicure/Manicure Room
jane iredale
Spa Services are available
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