Yeager's Hair Studio & Spa
Sauna Sessions                                                 Sauna Upgrades Add-On

15 minute session: $25.00                                  15 minute scalp massage: $20.00
30 minute session: $45.00
Set of 8 sauna sessions: $315.00
Proven Solocarbon® technology used exclusively by Sunlight Saunas.
Discover the benefits in:

Pain Management                       Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Weight Loss                                Lowered Blood Pressure
Detoxification                              Lowered Cholesterol
Skin Purification                          Fibromyalgia
Arthritis                                       Relaxation
Stress Relief
Surround your body with far infrared therapy that penetrates deeply into joints, muscles, & tissues.  Speeding oxygen flow & increasing circulation. All sauna treatments include a relaxing private shower, use of relaxation area, fresh fruit & beverage.