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Massage Therapy
Personalized massage depending upon your needs.
Freshing Me-Up Massage
Your head, neck and back awaking to new heights.
30 mins.   $55
No Series
Therapeutic or Swedish Massage
Your muscles are kneaded, stroked, stretched and soothed to a state of pure relaxation.
Allow the essential oils to you to a different level of relaxation, while the therapies relaxes muscles with specific
massage techniques. Great after a day of golf, tennis or hiking.
Doctor recommended.
60 mins.   $80   or Series of Six   $440
90 mins.   $120 or Series of Six   $662
120 mins.   $160 or Series of Six   $883
Deep Tissue or Sports Massage
This penetrating massage gives special attention to manipulation of deep
muscle tissues to relieve chronic stress. Your muscles are kneaded, stroked,
stretched with client participation and soothed to a state of pure relaxation.
60 mins.   $80   or Series of Six   $440
90 mins.   $120   or Series of Six   $662
Mother to Be Massage
Let us help relieve some of the aches and pains you're carrying around.
Massage techniques and pregnancy support pillows will help you relax and
care for both you and your baby. Designed for women twelve weeks to
term, with a doctor's note of approval.
60 mins. $80 or Series of Six $440
Variety Massage
All Three Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Massage
60 mins.  $80 or Series of Six $440
Couple's Massage
You and your partner or friend will enjoy the massage of your choice
in the same room at the sametime,  and before the massage enjoy
30 minute FREE in the far infared sauna
a must to experience.
Prices vary on selection of massage.
Massage Spa Treatment
Hot Stone Massage
After your hot stone massage you will feel like the world has
been lifted off of you.  With hot stone
and stress relief treatment oil
of Lavender, Sandalwood and Orange.
85 min.    $125 or Series of Six   $696
Ear Candling
Ear Candles are used to clean ears and are believed to help with
various ear disorders. Using candles is generally more comfortable and less expensive than conventional ear cleaning where water is forced into the ear canal. The practice of using Ear Candles is actually an ancient art from many countries such as China, Czechoslovakia, Mexico and Italy. They are being used in nursing homes, alternative health centers and are rapidly gaining popularity.
60 mins. with T.M.J. Massage   $75
or Series of Three   $207
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Always the Perfect Gift.
Available for any service, package or dollar amount.
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