Sauna Room
Add-On Treatments
Back Facial
For Acne & Future Breakouts
A deep-cleansing scrub is followed by extractions then an aromatherapy
massage designed for your back's most stressed-our parts. 70 mins. $85
Thermal Touch Treatment : An intensive 30 min. focus on section of the
body you feel needs the most attention. $53
Chemical Peels: $80 or Series of Six $432
Micro-Current Treatment: $80 or Series of Six $432 or Series of Twelve $864
Microdermabrasion: $65 or Series of Three $177 or Series of Six $354
Radio Frequency Treatment:  Add-on $150 when add to other service or
Series of  Five $211 each  First Treatment $127.
Yeager's Siesta: Have you ever wanted to just nap after a wonderful
massage? Now you can with the Yeager's Siesta. Our Therapists will drape
you with hot packs and let you drift to sleep then awaken rejuvenated.
30 mins. $35
Far Infrared Sauna Therapy Room and Shower: Just step in for 30 min.
session and come out feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
Fruit and Drink included. Great for Pain relief and detoxify. 60 min. $30
Spa  Policy
Spa  Policy
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Dermalogica European Facial
These treatments will be unique to each individual skin
condition by using Dermalogica's unique botanical mixers
throughout the process to provide additional benefits to your skin.
Power Regeneration Treatment
For Normal/Dehydrated/Ultra-Dry/Alipoid
Concerned about the signs of aging on your skin?  Feel like
your skin needs a revitalizing power boost?  Then this
treatment for you!  Combined vitamin and hydroxy acid
exfoliation, Energizing massage techniques that
release tension in the facial muscles and Dermalogica's
specialized contour masque make this the
ultimate in skin therapy for prematurely-aging,
dry, devitalized firmer, smoother and revived.
75 mins.   $110
Series of Six   $552
Clean Start and Medibac Clearing Treatment
For Acne & Future Breakout Activity
Now is the best time of your life to start a healthy skin regimen. And by
regimen we mean getting clean, Taking on issues, and protecting skin
for a great-looking, healthy future this treatment it is for teenagers and adults suffering with oily and acne skin conditions.
70 mins. $85  Series of Six  $432
UltraCalming Treatment
For Sensitive Skin
If your skin is looking red, inflamed or feeling itchy, burning hen this
treatment is for you! With UltraClaming pressure point massage techniques.
  70 mins. $85 Series of Six $438
ChromaWhite TRx Skin Brightening Treatment
For Uneven Skin Pigmentation
Accelerate brightening, improve skin tone, enhance skin clarity and create a fresher, healthier appearance. Will be most effective when delivered as a series of treatments. Manual lymphatic drainage or Pressure point massage. This treatment takes 8 weeks.
70 mins. First Treatment $85 Series of Eight $560
MicroZone 30-Minute Treatment
MicroZone treatment are intended to focus on specific zones. And are
ideal for solving skincare concerns between professional skin
treatments; are also ideal for first time clients who are new to the
Dermalogica line or have never received a professional skin treatment or face mapping.
30 mins. $25 only $10.00 for any additional Zones
30 Minute Facial $55
Eyelash Extensions
Full Set up to (maximum total 40 lashes): $100
Price per each Eyelash after the initial set: $5 each eyelash
Lash Tint  $20.00
Brow Tint  $15.00
Make-up Applied Day or Night $45
Lesson and Application $55
Men's Skin Fitness MicroZone
Men's Skin Fitness MicroZone
Does shaving bring about the worst in your skin? Help skin recover from current
damage while cleaning, clearing, soothing and calming. we'll also help release tension with a hand or shoulder massage.
60 mins. $80 Series of Six $420
Gift Certificates or Gift Cards...
Always the Perfect Gift.
Available for any service, package or dollar amount.
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Pedicure/Manicure Room
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