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The following post-procedure instructions are suggested in order to maintain the comfort and durability of the eyelash extensions. For weeks the eyelashes will look natural and feel comfortable 24 hours a day, during daily activities & sports.
1.  For the first 8-12 hours, avoid wetting the lashes.
2. For the first few days, avoid washing lashes with hot water; do not swim, go into a steam room or sauna.
3. Avoid rubbing the eyelash extensions while washing face.
  Lightly pat the lashes dry.
4. Do not use an eyelash curler. This can break the extensions and natural lashes.
5. Do not use waterproof  mascara or mascara remover.
  Usage will weaken the eyelash glue/bond.
6. Use only water based mascara. Eyelash sealer with Vitamin-E is recommended for daily use.
7. Do not perm eyelash extensions.
8. It is recommended that the extensions get a touch up 1-3 weeks following the initial procedure.
9. Eyelash extension can last up to three months. Negligent care will shorten the length of time it lasts.
10. Eyelashes should be removed before getting an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan.
** Eyes should be kept closed throughout the entire eyelash extension procedure.
Price for Eyelashes Set (maximum total 40 lashes) :    $100.00
Price per each Eyelash after the initial set :    $5.00 each eyelash